Sometimes your body isn’t working quite as you’d like it to, and needs a helping hand to get back to where you want it to be. Osteopathy can do just that. Osteopathy focuses on the promotion of health, as well as disease prevention, to help each individual person achieve a high level of wellness. It is a safe, effective, and non invasive system of hands on medicine, diagnostics, and treatment. Whole body assessments are used to examine and assess likely injured tissues using conventional medical assessment, as well as structural and functional assessment. Osteopaths primarily use their hands to carry out treatment using a variety of both gentle and manipulative techniques to facilitate the healing process and improve mobility/flexibility of the muscles, joints, and spine. Techniques used include massage and stretching, joint mobilisations, myofascial release, joint manipulation, exercise prescription, and many others. This is done non invasively without the use of drugs or surgery. Treatment  plans are tailored to each person’s individual needs, regardless of their age or condition. Our aim is to return our patient's bodies back to optimum health and balance, treating not just symptoms, but the entire body as a unit. We offer our patients all the attention and care they need in order to get them feeling well again. Don't hesitate to book online today, you're in good hands.

A degree in Osteopathy takes a minimum of 4 years to complete, including 1000 supervised clinical hours. Subjects covered include anatomy, neurology, physiology, manual technique, orthopaedics, rheumatology, biomechanics, diagnosis & pathology, nutrition and naturopathy, professionalism and ethics, patient management, biochemistry, and much more. It is a requirement by law that any Osteopaths practising in the U.K. be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), the governing body that oversees and regulates Osteopaths. Osteopaths must undertake mandatory CPD (continuing professional development) training, to ensure their knowledge and skills remain up to the highest of standards.