Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Having an operation is not an ideal situation and we would all love to avoid this last resort. However, due to injuries or wear and tear an operation can become a much needed intervention.

The question is, how much will you be able to do post operation?

Through the Back in Balance post-operative rehabilitation programme we help individuals reach their realistic goals by:

  • Creating aims and goals with the patient, and analysing what would be realistic and achievable using our professional understanding.

  • Liaising with the orthopaedic consultant to formulate a concrete plan

  • Once these are complete we use our individualised, functional approach using a variety of hands-on techniques, corrective exercises based on your biomechanics, nutritional advice and by creating an empowering atmosphere.

What Is So Different About Our Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

The human body is interconnected from an internal perspective and external perspective. Instead of isolating an area we understand that the human anatomy will not function in synchrony unless we look at the body as a whole.

This concept is not foreign to us. We don't need a scientific mind to understand that the best way to look at rehabilitation is from an authentic real-life like approach. The science comes in when trying to understand how to create easy progressive steps towards your goals. Our background in  applied functional science and principles of osteopathy allow us to create bespoke rehab programmes that take into account the nature of your injury, the anatomy, the biomechanics, and other factors that may prevent healing. This could include your nutrition, sleep, or psychological well-being.

Our approach involves three key steps:

1. We take a detailed case history to understand clearly the nature of your injury and what procedures you have been through. This involves looking at your reports and other investigations you may have had. We make sure we communicate with your consultant if required.

2. We then carry out a clear, thorough assessment which takes into account how your body moves from a general perspective and a more detailed specific analysis to determine the areas that need attention.

3. After this we explain clearly what we have found and how best to create a programme that will enable you to reach your aim or goals, returning you to your normal activities. We make sure that we provide you with the most realistic outlook to your recovery from our professional opinion. Trust and honesty is a strong pillar of our practice.