Functional Golf Specialist Analysis



A System Authentic to the Movement of the Game

'FGS' is a system that organises, sequences, and delivers individualised golf-specific training programs for injury rehabilitation, conditioning, and performance enhancing. It is designed to create a repeatable, fluid, and faster swing. Functional assessments are carried out, addressing each of the four phases of the golf swing individually; the address, back-swing, impact, and finish. Each joint in the body is viewed and analysed, using our advanced understanding of human movement, and the bio-mechanics specific to the golf swing. Once areas of immobility, restriction, or instability have been pinpointed, a combination of hands on treatment and rehabilitation exercises specific to each individual’s needs can then be delivered.

With 12 different training programs that can be modified, the FGS can meet the needs of any golfer from beginner to elite professionals, at any age. Videos and training programmes can be sent conveniently to each individuals mobile device for easy viewing. Leveraging more than 240 golf-specific movements, the system empowers the movement practitioner to "prepare the body to make the swing."

Using the Functional Golf System, treatment and rehabilitation really looks and feels like golf!